Scooterbabe is a decent band from Athens, GA. The band serves as the primary songwriting outlet for lead singer and guitarist JJ Posway who formed the band in early 2013 with his friends Michael Buice on bass and Grafton Tanner on drums. In their earliest days, the band’s only goal was for Buice to play bass inside a giant roll cage.

Scooterbabe’s first two EPs, scooterbabe and were brief, well-crafted explorations in jangly pop that steadily gained them a devoted following among Athens local music scene.

In late 2014 Scooterbabe took a short hiatus. While the band was inactive for most of the next year, they did reissue their EPs in a collection that they dubbed The Scooterbabe Companion and released the standalone single “I Want To Write Your Name Across The Sky in Big Clumsy Strokes.”

During the band’s hiatus Posway moved to Brooklyn, NY, his time there would become the catalyst for Scooterbabe’s first full length album, The Sorrow You’ve Been Toting Around.

TSYBTA chronicles a period o in late 2015/early 2016 where Posway struggled with depression in the midst of major changes in his life. He moved into a near-isolated house in Winterville, GA with Evan Tyor and the two grew close over time, discovering kindred spirits in each other. Tyor, multi-instrumentalist and DIY sound engineer, had transformed the property into his own personal recording studio and it was here where the large majority of TSYBTA would take shape.

To accommodate Scooterbabe’s shift in identity and subject matter, Tyor, vocalist/violinist Jianna Justice and drummer Jesse Lafian were brought on board to reimagine the band resulting in an unabashedly grandiose sound.

Today, they’re continuing to shapeshift with help from local musicians Zach Spires, Dillon McCabe and Anna Staddon. They’re also recording a new album.