A London trio, Schande are known for writing discordantly catchy, melodic indie rock- that joyous blend of 90s indie at its best, mixed with a unique element of the unknown. Jen’s take on Schande’s sound is simple:

“We’re not story tellers- the music is landscape where literal meaning is irrelevant. We’re inspired by memory, by experience and by those undefined tangents and planes linking the two. Those tensions between space and location- that’s what we soundtrack.”

First, some history: What started as a solo project (“Jen Schande”) in the UK during the early 2000s quickly became a band, and Jen ditched the solo moniker to reflect the collective and became “The Schande”. The band gigged constantly around the UK, released a split 7” with the Cribs (Byron Coley praised Jen’s side as “exotically fragile” and “goddamn addictive”) and opened for bands like The Gossip. Jen eventually moved back to the US, and once again began performing and touring solo. It wasn’t long before a full band was formed, and the name simplified to Schande. After extensive touring around the US, opening for bands such as The Thermals and Against Me!, Jen moved back to her home state of California and settled in San Francisco. Able to call on friends/musicians she loved, a new Schande was formed and a steady diet of gigging and touring resumed.

After several self and DIY label releases as a full band, in 2012, Jen self-released the solo album “19” which was written as soundtrack for the film “Valencia”, based on San Francisco queer icon Michelle Tea’s memoir. The album saw critical acclaim, and its two singles “Nice Fez” and “I Really Like Sonic Youth, and I Really Want to Have Sex With You” spent quality time on US college radio and international blogs (Magnet Magazine, Striker Bill, Mad Mackerel, Blue Walrus, etc.).

Moving to London in 2013, Jen returned to playing/touring solo, this time throughout the UK and Sweden. In 2015 Schande was rebirthed as full band, powerfully in its most impressive formation to date. Now featuring London promoter and DIY staple Jeremy Sheppard (Ace Bushy Striptease, Flemings, Night of the Triffids) on drums and Giovanni Villaraut on bass, each member’s musicianship adds its own idiosyncratic touches to create a collective sound. No longer an extension of Jen’s solo writing, Schande truly is a product of its parts, resulting in the most engaging evolution of the band to date.