Einschlagen is a band with no single songwriter or lead. Rather, it’s an outlet for the creative energy of everyone involved. Though their current sound is largely informed by the musical landscape, and small-town lifestyle, of Athens, GA, the band was originally the product

of an eye-opening trip. In the summer of 2014, Taylor Chicoine (Pity Party Social Club, Perfect Attendance Records) and longtime friend Spencer Grimm left Athens for a month-long road trip that would lead to Chicoine settling in Seattle, and unknowingly lay the groundwork for Einschlagen.

Originally an outlet for Chicoine while he adjusted to life away from Athens, the songs he wrote found new purpose upon returning to Athens in 2015 and seeking songwriting advice from Evan Tyor (Franny, Scooterbabe). Perfecting those songs turned into a consistent way for Chicoine,

Grimm and Tyor to hang out and hone their chops. The instrumental project gradually became more collaborative, evolving even as Evan Tyor left Athens for Brooklyn, NY, and drummer Zach Spires (Dimmen, Scooterbabe) joined the fold. Fully embracing a collaborative approach, Einschlagen gained a few more voices in Aubry Meers and Peyton Sarah. Contributing dreamy talk-singing and incisive spoken word respectively. Einschlagen is the sound of many voices finding unlikely harmonies and unifying into a single creative force.