About the Popfest


Welcome to Athens Popfest. What began 12 years ago as a fun get-together for like-minded friends has evolved into a destination event that draws people here from all over the world. But even as Popfest has expanded through the years—more bands, more days, more people—we’ve always worked hard to maintain that same intimate feeling we started with.

Athens Popfest isn’t just one more multi-day event full of bands and crowds. It is an annual gathering of curious music fans, artists, travelers, and locals. People fall in love (2007 saw an onstage marriage proposal), bands get discovered, memories get made. All of it here in Athens.

2016 promises to be the best year yet, boasting a dream lineup that features legends like Daniel Johnston, Deerhoof, His Name Is Alive, Guerilla Toss, Love Tractor (original lineup), Elf Power, Dressy Bessy, Space Lady. But we pride ourselves on finding the best bands before everyone else does—bands like Haybaby, Halfsour, Dead Neighbors. If you haven’t heard from them before, that’s the point. And of course we’ll have HHBTM Records faves like Tunabunny, Eureka California, Antlered Aunt Lord, Bastards of Fate, and more.

In all, there’ll be over 50 artists performing during the festival’s 4 days, with afternoon shows at Little Kings and evening shows at the famous Georgia Theatre. Devastated by a fire in 2009. the Theatre was rebuilt through the donations and hard work of our community. Today, it’s perhaps the most beautiful place to see a show in all of Athens. Best of all, we don’t schedule shows against each other. If you come to Popfest to see all 50+ bands, you’ll be able to do it.

Of course, there’s more to Athens than music. Spend your day shopping at Wuxtry Records for that hard-to-find bargain. Partake in the area thrift stores. Athens is proud to feature a locally-owned bookstore, a grocery co-op, a world famous vegetarian restaurant, along with great local barbecue, pizza, coffee, and more, all within walking distance of downtown. In fact, if you get hungry during a show, you can take the elevator upstairs to the Georgia Theatre rooftop where they offer a full food and drink menu, quality coffee by local roaster 1000 Faces, and free hi-speed WiFi, all accompanied by one of the most spectacular views of the city.

You’ll never run out of things to do—not if you’re only here for four days. But if you stay any longer you’re going to have to start a band of your own.

More than just a music festival, Athens Popfest is a celebration of what makes Athens unique and known all over the world. Join us this summer in Athens, Georgia, the city we love,from August 10th-13th. The event lasts four days, but the memories will last a lifetime.



– Is the Athens Popfest an indoors or outdoors event?
The Athens Popfest takes place inside two venues — Little Kings Shuffle Club and the Georgia Theatre.

– What is the age restriction?
The festival is 18+, but those under 18 can attend with a parent or guardian.

– Does my guardian need to buy a ticket?
Yes, all attendees must have a ticket.

– What do 4-day passes include?
Entry to all the Athens Popfest shows.

– How many 4 day passes are available?

– What do single day tickets include?
Entry only to the Georgia Theatre show on that date. Single day entry to the Little Kings shows can be paid at the door that day.

– When does the Athens Popfest start?
August 10th, 2016, at 2:00pm sharp.

– When does the Athens Popfest end?
August 14th at 2:00am, but it will always live on it your heart.

– Are the venues accessible to wheelchairs?
Yes, both venues are accessible to wheelchairs. The Georgia Theatre has dedicated space inside for audience members as well.

-Is there seating?
Both the Georgia Theatre and Little Kings have limited seating. Both venues also have outside patios.

– Will there be food at the Athens Popfest?
No, but there is an intermission between shows for people to go get food at any one of our local eateries. The Georgia Theatre rooftop serves food as well.

– Can the lineup change?
Sometimes some bands might drop off bills, but usually the lineup remains the same.

– How can my band play the Athens Popfest?
That’s super easy, we accept submissions via Submittable.

– Will there be re-entry?
Yes, you can leave and re-enter the venues.

– Can I smoke inside?
No, all of Athens is no-smoking indoors.

– Is photography permitted?
Phones are fine (just try not to use flash), but professional camera set-ups will need special permission.

– How do I get my ticket or wristband?
Single day tickets, if ordering online, will be will-call at the door. You can also buy single day tickets at the Georgia Theatre box office without the ticketing fee. 4-day passes will be available via will call and would be best picked up on the first day of the festival at Little Kings.

– Are tickets or wristbands refundable?
All ticket and wristband sales are final.

– Is there parking?
There are multiple parking decks around downtown with pretty low full-day parking rates.

– Do you have a discounted hotel rate for out of town attendees?
Yes, we have worked with the nice folks at the Wingate Hotel on North Ave for a discounted block of rooms.