Alternative Provision Service Level Agreement

Alternative Provision Service Level Agreement

Young people who have been permanently excluded from school may also have access to alternative offers. This is usually organized by the local authority and may include a permanent placement in a student placement centre. The primary alternative commission is accessible by an agreement on the level of service between schools and the local authority. You can access this access via the Primary FAP and the assessment gateway. If you are a provider of alternative and/or complementary offers and are interested in offering your services to young people in Salford, please email for more information. A program with alternative offers can be offered to a student if he has problems with the general offer of school programs of his school. The municipality has recently introduced a new dynamic acquisition system (DPS) for alternative and complementary offers. This has replaced the register of accredited providers and is being used by internal commissioners to find and order alternative offers for young people in secondary education in Salford. The DPS is divided into four specific lots: the municipality offers schools a special support service to help them find an appropriate alternative for their cléh students. Suppliers can request one or more lots depending on the size and flexibility of their offer. The DPS is an open purchasing process that allows new suppliers to apply at any time.

Upon appointment to the DPS, providers will be able to apply for work and contracts issued by the local authority (including programmes commissioned by the Authority on behalf of schools that have acquired the alternative support service). As a general rule, most students have access to a part-time alternative offer program in addition to the school`s basic education offering in addition to the school`s basic offer (for example. B half a day, one day a week). However, some students may be scheduled with a full-time external provider. Under these conditions, alternative offer providers must ensure that students have access to the most important programs (English, mathematics, science, computer science) and that they have the opportunity to acquire appropriate and accredited qualifications to help them access training or training. Please download the Alternative Provision Service Level Agreement below. You can also send an email to All AP providers receive a full Quality Assurance (QS) visit every two years. The SQ reports are published in these following pages.

You`ll find the key interlocutors for ABP sector coordinators on page 6. Unregistered alternative provision (part-time, long-term stay) This may include issues related to behaviour and attendance, or where a student is not considered to have good academic performance. Any alternative supplier mandated by Warwickshire County Council or its school family must be located within the AP framework of Warwickshire. All alternative vendors that have successfully completed a number of compliance audits for seven topics are published in WCC`s AP list.

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