Volvo Service Agreement Malaysia

Volvo Service Agreement Malaysia

You should not be car-free when you are on duty. That`s why we do it to you simply by always offering you alternative transport solutions. Maintenance, planned in advanced and pricey areas, gives you better operational control and transparency across your business – saving administrators time and money. A well-maintained truck is also more reliable and fuel efficient. All of this reduces the total cost of operating and reduces the burden on you so you can focus on growing your business. After each service, we clean your Volvo indoors and outdoors. So if you`re going to get it, it`s going to be as beautiful as driving. Volvo Car Malaysia (VCM) has launched the Volvo Car Leasing programme, which will give customers the enjoyment of Volvo owners “minus the usual financial burden of a lease.” The leasing program is a first for Volvo in Southeast Asia. The rental contract covers car insurance coverage, vehicle tax, maintenance costs and warranty. At the end of the rental period, customers can either exchange for a new vehicle or purchase the leased vehicle at market price or future guaranteed value. You can also simply return the vehicle to the dealership. Owning a car shouldn`t be complicated.

It should be as simple and enjoyable as possible. We`ve created a unique service that includes everything you need to make the most of life with your Volvo. We call it the Volvo Service 2.0. In addition to the technical maintenance service, we offer you some additional benefits that are always included when you drive your car for maintenance in a Volvo garage. We present your personal service contact, who answers your questions about your car and will provide you with advice and assistance if necessary. Whether it`s cleaning your padding, repairing a cracked windshield or changing tires, you`ll find a service in our workshops that takes care of them. The regular service of your Volvo Licensed Dealer not only keeps your Volvo safe, but also maintains its value at the highest level. “Every Volvo that is leased under this program is equipped with our Volvo Service Agreement Plus (VSA) which covers a list of service actions, including a wide range of wearable items that allow the customer to be sure of their volvo ownership experience,” said Lennart Stegland, VCM`s Managing Director.

We think it should be easy to maintain your car. So we reinvented the traditional idea of a workshop visit. By bringing the old working methods back in time, we want to create a new approach to service that is personal, efficient, takes care of you and takes care of your car. The maximum operating time starts with a free service plan. We get to know your truck and your business and work with you to determine the right level of maintenance. We agree on a service plan that will help you get the most out of each kilometre. We constantly develop and improve the software of our cars. To make sure you`re always equipped with the latest version, we update the software in your Volvo during each service. Your Volvo Trucks dealer on site has the answers. Enter or call them to put your service plan into practice. With a one-time payment covering the first three or five services, you don`t have to give maintenance costs for up to five years at a single thought.

You can also add wear items without a blanket and be in possession without worry and virtually no maintenance costs. To keep your truck in optimal and most cost-effective condition, it is serviced by Volvo certified technicians.

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